Motorcycling Tips What to Do in Case Frostbites Happen to You

Some of us can handle extreme cold while others cannot. Even though we have various tolerances to cold weather, in extreme conditions, we can never escape its harmful effects. No man is invincible enough to escape it but you can be strong enough to survive it. Every time you think about going out your homes to drive your motorcycles, bear in mind that without proper covering, the cold temperature can have serious effects to your body. One of the scariest effects is frostbite.

How does this occur? Cold is a natural vasoconstrictor. What happens in here is that there is a localized damage of your body parts as they are deprived of blood supply. Do not think vasoconstriction is a bad thing. Actually, it is the normal response of the body to increase the blood pressure when it starts to drop or preserve the core temperature of the blood when it gets too cold. However, prolonged exposure to prolonged vasoconstriction, which then increases the time where so little blood is circulated in the distal parts of the body. That is why the commonly affected areas are hands, feet or even the nose. Imagine what could happen to you when you do not wear your winter motorcycle gloves, jackets, boots and other protective gear, when you decide to have a long-range drive using your motorcycles.

You should also understand that this is a possibility because unlike a car or any four-wheeled vehicle, they have an external case that encloses you when you drive. In a motorcycle, you have nothing and the only covering that you have are the ones that you directly wear to your body. Therefore, without proper draping, frostbite is a possibility.

What should you do in case this happens? You should be quick enough to identify its signs and symptoms. Once you feel your hands are very cold and it resembles a waxy appearance, definitely this could be a start. Another symptom is tingling and numbness. When you feel all of these, you have to find a way to re-warm the affected body part quickly to regain proper circulation. Do not neglect this feeling because if there will be prolonged exposure, your blood from inside can freeze, causing ruptures of cells. This explains why you have a blue fingers or scab like appearance on the affected part.

How do you prevent it? It is very easy. Make sure you have the best motorcycle winter gear to use like winter motorcycle gloves, head coverings and almost anything that can help you protect your extremities. Protect your head because this is the location of your thermoregulatory center. Doing so, would not abruptly alter the changes in your body due to the coldness. Drink plenty of fluids and if you have time, you can drink something hot like coffee or chocolate. Coffee or energy drink is proven to increase the pumping of your heart. Therefore, at times like this when you think you are about to loose your energy drink this in moderation.