Motorcycle Tips What You Should Know About Group Riding

Group motorcycle rides can be a truly exciting experience especially if you have a lot of bikers gathered together to enjoy a nice long ride through the beautiful country side. Here are some tips that will help keep your group ride safe.

Don’t Push It

Motorcycle riders have their own unique riding styles, and one person’s riding style may not necessarily be the same as the next rider’s riding style. This is an important point that you should keep in mind when traveling with a pack of riders. The speed at which you like to travel may not be the same as the others in the group, so it’s important that you try your hardest not to push it. You might find yourself feeling out of control if you travel too fast for you own comfort.

Falling a little behind the pack because you don’t like to go as fast as the others is perfectly OK. You’re better off bringing up the rear then laying in a ditch severely injured because you went to fast for your own abilities right? Don’t push it. Slow down to a pace that you are comfortable with. You’ll eventually catch up to the pack at some point either at a stop sign or a scheduled pit stop.

Know Who You Are Riding With

There may be times when you end up riding with total strangers because the ride you are on is open to the public, you have recently joined a new group, you are riding with friends of friends, or whatever the case may be. Riding a motorcycle in a group requires you to know how the others are going to drive. If you are familiar with the riding styles of those in your group, great. If you don’t know who you are riding with, be sure to give yourself plenty of room so you can observe how the others are driving.

Knowing who you are riding with is a good idea because it helps you to stick together. After all, the whole point of group riding is to ride together in a group right? It wouldn’t make sense to break away from the group because you don’t know anyone and don’t care to stick with the pack. In that case, you might as well have planned on riding with yourself in the first place.

Know Where You Are Going

When going on a group ride, make sure that everyone has a general sense of where it is that you are heading. This way you will be able to regroup if the group happens to get split up. Group riders often times will stop at stop signs in order to allow the rest of the group to catch up. This helps keep everybody together.

Follow The Leader

Elect a leader to head up the ride so everyone has someone to follow. If there is no leader, then your group ride will most likely become disorganized and riders will start heading off in their own directions. The leader will be responsible for giving signals to others for stops, turns, and other standard motorcycle driving procedures. Make sure all members of the group ride understand and can identify the different hand signals that are given.